…5, 4, 3, 2, 1….. Lift Off…. (well, in about 35 days)

"We have liftoff!"

"We have liftoff!"

Two dates are etched on my mind and will be hard to erase.  The first is January 14, 2008 and and the second is September 3, 2008.  The first date, January 14, was the day in which a mid 40 something husband and father of 4, wrongly thought he was moving into a season of “mid-life self centeredness” now that his youngest was 7 and the oldest of four was 13.  But to quote that famous Marine PFC named Gomer Pyle… “Surprise… Surprise!”  You see Mary and I found out first hand that God loves to send surprises – especially when you least expect it, which is what a surprise is, right?    I am  talking about the kind of surprise found in the movie “Father of the Bride Part Two” in which George sits next to Nina in the doctor’s office awaiting the “bad news” concerning Nina’s blood test.  And of course who among us did not split a gut when the Doc says, “….kids, you’re gonna have a baby…”   Question?  Why is that so funny when it happens to George and Nina, but not so funny when it happens to you?  Now I must confess that I did not completely become unglued or pass out in the Doc’s office as George did, but I have to be honest that the news our our unexpected child to be, did send me out for a long walk in the woods in which I began to ask about a thousand questions, and then started to do what you cannot do when this happens to you… math.  “So let’s see, when he is in kindergarten I will be 50…. when he goes to High School I will be______  Trust me on this one, throw away the calculator, burn the calendars, and cease to cipher future dates in your head.  Our priest visited me shortly after this and he said, “God has given you a most wonderful gift…don’t figure out or fret on how to live tomorrow… for tomorrow doesn’t exist.  Simply be the man, the husband and the father that God wants you to be today… and you will accomplish all things.”  Whew, thanks Father.

So God is great, and God is good, and he loves mankind (especially mid-life parents to be!) and thus the nine months have flown by, and we we are on the final approach, ready for “lunar module extraction”.  The pregnancy has been flawless.  Mary, is the picture of health, beauty and grace.  And our son, (yes a son!) is moving, kicking, hiccupping, and doing all sorts of flips and contortions as he is trying to bust free from this nine month hiatus in an apartment that is getting smaller every day. 

So everyone, meet two of the most spectacular people in the world; my wife Mary and our new son… appearing in his first photo a few months into his short life.

Glory to God for all things.


3 thoughts on “…5, 4, 3, 2, 1….. Lift Off…. (well, in about 35 days)

  1. what a great ultrasound picture! i really appreciate what your priest said – those are encouraging and settling words. may God continue to bless you and your family

  2. Wow, Mike! (And Mary!) What a wonderful surprise! Congratulations on your unexpected new addition. It was surely yesterday that you were introducing yourself with kids that were 2, 4, 6, and 8. Our first baby is due to make his or her (we find out which Aug. 4) arrival December 11!

  3. Always wonderful words to remember and be gently reminded of! The song especially touches and yet convicts me! Thank you!

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