“…here come the Irish…!”

I’ve noticed a couple of things since I started this journey into “blogging”…

First, I really enjoy writing.  

Second, I think technology is OK!   I’m a 1963 born – 40-something who is learning!

Third, I tend to address ‘tough’ topics… in a thoughtful, but serious way.

So with these careful observations in mind– I offer something near and dear to my heart… near and dear to my journey as a person; something light, something fun, something beautiful, something less serious!  For eight years of my childhood, I was taught by some the finest teachers in the history of teaching.  They were not from Harvard, Yale or Princeton but from Mequon, Wisconsin… The School Sisters of Notre Dame.  From birth, from baptism and from first grade on they taught us many important things – but first on the list was this:  Rule #1 There is only one football team to root for – The Irish of Notre Dame.   The sisters made us aware of South Bend, the Golden Dome, Knute Rockne, the Fighting Irish, and of course, Our Lady.  Every one of us dreamed of playing for the Blue and Gold.  Unfortunately my “time” with the Irish was short; a couple of recruiting trips my senior year, and a few letters from Coach Dan Devine, but God willed that I go on, and so I played for Central Michigan University a great school and football program.  But for one brief moment in my life, Notre Dame knew about me, and thought I just might be good enough to play for them…

And you know what?  That was good enough for me!


So with a goal of  being less serious – here’s some fun!

In 16 days (or less) our new son will arrive!  In 19 days (exactly) a new season will begin!  The Irish take the field and the ritual of Fall Notre Dame football begins again – what an awesome time to be alive; holding our new baby, teaching him to say “Go Irish!”, savoring bowls of homemade chili and watching the men from South Bend put a lickin’ on the boys from Ann Arbor.  

Enjoy the Spirit of Notre Dame in this video called “Here Come the Irish!”


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