We’re ready for you…

During a dark, dreary and cold snowstorm, commuting home on a Monday night in the middle of a Michigan winter, we found out about God’s little surpise for our life – or should I say “mid-life”.  I’ll never forget the conversation Mary was having with the blood lab technician as we drove home trying to stay on the pavement during the blinding snow storm.  “Yes, this is Mary Cook.”  “Uh huh.”  “Uh huh.”  “Uh huh”.  By the third uh-huh I was coming unglued.  Lord how should I pray right now?  Lord, am I ready to hear what I am about to hear.  All I kept thinking was, “Enough of the ‘uh-huh’s, please cut to the chase is she or is she not pregnant?

And then came those life changing words, “I am?”      

 Yes, you are.  

Yes, we are!!

Fast forward from steel gray, icy, chilly, snowy days of a Michigan winter to the autumn harvest sun, the blue skies, the crisp cool breeze and the comforting smell of a fast approaching Fall.  Fast forward to August 26th – and we are but hours away from “I am” to “we are”!  We are receiving a new life, a new gift, a new member to our growing family; our son is set to arrive, God willing, on Wednesday August 27th – and there is no man on the face of the earth more excited and more thrilled than me.  There is so much for me to catch up on, like an entire month of August where our family and others at Holy Cross were busily preparing in our catechumenate – to be officially received as full fledged members of The Orthodox Church… there are so many fond memories to catch up on…

Our first experience and blessing with the Mystery of Repentance – or Confession at St. George’s

Our pilgrimage to Dormition Orthodox Monastery on August 15th – and the great celebration of the feast of the Dormition of Mary the Theotokos

The Mystery of Christmation on Saturday August 16th – the annointingwith Holy Chrism – the reception of the Holy Sprit and full entrance into the one true faith delivered once for all…

Finally, Sunday the 17th, and our first Divine Liturgy in which we were able to receive the Body and Blood of Christ – all of us. 

So many blessings and so much to recapture.  I hope to do this next week as i am taking a full six days off for the birth of our son.  I am not letting this opportunity slip by me again.  So tomorrow and intrepid group of Pilgrims, the Cook Clan Six, will storm the maternity ward of a hospital downtown, and by God’s grace and goodness, we six, will become us seven!  And you know 7 is the perfect number and – the COMPLETE number as well!!  Did I say complete?  Oh, yes, I did… thanks Lord but we’ll stop at the complete number – if you don’t mind.”

Glory to You Our God – Glory and Praise to You!



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