…it’s time to write – again…

ts1It has been awhile.  Funny how having a baby can change one’s life, a little bit.  Wait, did I say, “a little bit”?  What I really meant to say was ” a lot ” !  But, amazingly, the change is good.  I notice myself slowing down, calming down as soon as I pick our son up in my arms.  To hold him, and to look into his eyes is truly “anaphora” – a lifting up of my soul from the maddening pace and worries of this world – and to leave – albeit for a moment, this world and travel with our newborn to a quieter and simpler place.  To gaze into his eyes is to see peace, trust, contentment and love.  His soft breathing is soothingto me.  His facial contortions cause me to smile and to wonder at the miracle that God has entrusted to us, and to speculate at what he is thinking about?   I can actually feel my blood pressure lowering,  My cholesterol levels sinking to a “20 something” year old level, and when we (all six of us!) hold John – in that that one precious moment we all begin to experience life as I believe it was meant to be lived.

Orthodoxy in many ways is childlike.  We remain quiet and trusting before the Big problems of the world, we don’t feel the need to intellectually “explain it all away” and we know in confidence that although we cannot immediately figure things out, and that things often look frightenting and scary, we know deep inside – much like a child – that Our Father is present with exactly the things we need.  I find that in these days of financial chaos, of econmonic uncertainty, and of political transition – that my faith, the faith of my ancestors, the faith of 2000 years of believers, the Orthodox faith – is my anchor, my rock, my haven in the midst of these storms.  We fear not, for our God has always been faithful.  We fear not, for when we have little, we in actuality have much.  We fear not, for since we are in the Church – we have everything – we have Him and His people have us.

So come on devil!  Bring it.  Come on ways of the world.  Implode, explode – do whatever you want – because we have our God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit… The Trinity, one in essence and undivided.  We have the promise of the ages that says; “Fear not, for I am with you always, even to the very end of the age…”

So we live.  Sacred moment to sacred moment, and we embrace the simple things, we learn to live with fewer things, and we cherish the things that matter most:  our faith, our family and our friends.  We long for that day when tears will be no more.

It’s good to be back. 

Better yet to be holding our son, sitting at our table eating soup and bread.  This is life.  Anaphora!


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