Recognizing our Son – Blessed Birthday John!

A brief pause in the “Recognizing the Church” posts to recognize something  just as important…our son.


John Patrick Cook

What can a father say in thanks for the family that God gives to him?   I stand in awe everyday of the gift my wife and children are to me, and it is truly the greatest joy and satisfaction in life, when at 5pm each day I get to go home – to embark on my real calling  – that of being “Dad”.

Twenty years ago, Mary and I said, “We do”, and now two decades later when we walk into a restaurant we say, “Table for seven!”  So in retrospect, I guess it is appropriate to say “We did!”

John Patrick Cook is a miracle and a gift from God, as are all of our children and we celebrate each of them, especially the birth of the newest member of our clan born one year ago today.  Words cannot describe my love for this little man, especially since he is one of those very special babies – you know the “late in life” surprise kind!  Although Mary and I had no idea about his sudden entrance into our lives – our Father in Heaven knew all along that Johnny would be coming to our home.  Thank you God that you are in control.

So little John today we sing to you in remembrance of your birth – from heaven to earth, August 27, 2008.

Many years little one!  Many years.


PS  Here are the rest of the kids – celebrating “Pascha” – or Easter as it known in the West.  The bread is a gift from an Orthodox Monastery – the monks make a special “Pascha” sweet bread filled will all the things that we didn’t eat during the great Fast of Lent, that precedes the great Feast of Christ’s resurrection… things like butter… lots of butter…. and eggs!  In short, it is good.  I mean really, really good bread.  Thus the smiles…!  The fast is over let the feast begin.

The Cook Clan - Stephen, Caroline, Matthew, Anna and John

The Cook Clan - Matthew, Stephen, Anna, Caroline and John


5 thoughts on “Recognizing our Son – Blessed Birthday John!

  1. Great post, Mike! Thanks for this reflection. My wife and I are right now awaiting our first child, a son. Sometime in early December he’ll arrive, a miracle, just as John Patrick is, and change our lives forever. We can’t wait!


    • Dear Andrew,

      Blessings on the arrival of your first child, a son! That is awesome. You are about to embark on the “adventure of a lifetime”, and the good news is that you won’t travel alone. God, as well as His Church, travels with you and all parents, helping them along the way. Believe me, Mary and I have relied upon the ministry of the protecting angels more than once in raising our children.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

    • Thanks Jesse,

      Writing about important persons and issues in life is what makes life worth living. I often get discouraged when I think no one is reading the words I pen… but in the end, the writing is real issue – how it affects me – and not necessarily on what other people think. It is a good discipline – and the technology today is great – I am really loving it.

      Peace and blessings to your family… It was great to see your wife and your boys at the picnic – wow are they growing

  2. Your site looks incredible. I really enjoy your posts – they are so well written!! I love the last one!!! recognizing our son – but am truly enjoying the 5 marks of the church – keep writing!

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