Eye Opening Lessons in Church History

orthodox-christian-timelinePeople often ask me, “So where do you get all that “orthodox” stuff?”  “You’re just Roman Catholic without the Pope right?  “Where can that be found in the Bible?”  “How can you assume that Orthodoxy is the true Church, I mean, isn’t that arrogant, unloving and prideful?” 

To be honest all of these are very good questions, in fact they were the very questions that I not only was convinced I knew the answers to, but were the same questions that began my journey to understand why in the world the One Church that Jesus speaks about in the New Testament, the One church that remained One for a thousand years,  is now fragmented in doctrine and practice into thousands?”

So in the next few weeks I want to introduce you to the  timeline above.  This timeline is reliable, historical, verifiable and true.  It is eye opening.  In fact, if you truly allow yourself to be objective, and promise to throw away all negative preconceptions and those “anti-Catholic” union cards, –  in the end you may find yourself saying, “Wow, nobody ever told me this!” 

My objective is not to assert dominance through arrogance, or pride, or superiority – or to judge anyone as an individual.  Rather, the goal, as in all things in life:  is in the search for the Truth, to a daily obedience to become like Christ, and to live in His Body, the Church.  The one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church – for in Her is found the FULLNESS of the faith delivered once for all.    May God lead each of us, and make us worthy to enter Her, here and now, and to abide in Her for all eternity.  Anaphora!

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