Life is good. God is great.

Among the sweetest things in life are being married, and raising children. 

Yes, I hear you.  Believe me, I’m not trying to be an overzealous idealist here.  There are crappy, awful, tearful and stinky days, with spilled milk, dirty diapers  and skinned knees.  But among all the things that I have experienced in this world so far… the warmth of my wife’s embrace…

  ….and the laughter of our children are – well – priceless. 

For instance, this past Saturday night… we experienced another of life’s sobering milestones, as we turned our humble home into a Five Star Restaurant for a great group of kids – as  our first born attended his first Homecoming. 


   So, on the one hand, we were releasing our oldest child  –  to “dance“…



Stephen Michael and Gretchen


 And yet, on the other hand… we are training our youngest son  – to walk!



John Patrick


Glory to God for all things!


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