Thirsting for God in a Land Of Shallow Wells

41RZSZ7D37L__SS500_Here is a wonderful podcast entitled “Oneness” (click to listen) from author Matthew Gallatin whose book, Thirsting for God in a Land of Shallow Wells”, was a critical experience in the journey for our family coming home to Orthodoxy.   (You have to read this book!)

I listened to Matthew’s  talk, “Oneness”  on my Blackberry as I rode  my “pedal-powered” bike home from work.  Fall in Michigan can be one of the most beautiful seasons of  the year anywhere on the planet.  Except for Tuesday! Tuesday was one of those “un-beautiful” Fall days in Michigan: Gray, Dark, Cloudy, Cold, hard driving sleet type rain, combined with gale force wind gusts.  “Nice.  Cold, wet and freezing…”  I thought, as I hopped on my wheels, but what began as a physically unpleasant bike trip home, suddenly turned into something spiritually beautiful as my heart warmed- and  my face froze!

Matthew really captures the reason why everyone should carefully consider the obedience and the communal oneness of the ancient Church, as opposed to an American Evangelicalism that all too often creates and promotes a radical  individualism, isolationism and multiplicity (i.e. “do my own thing”) when it comes to “finding a church that meets my needs.”

Matthew will make you pause, and ponder whether our American view of Christianity based on the worship of “self” , and feelings, and entertainment, is actually the antithesis of the Gospel taught by Christ.  Give a listen and let me know what you think.



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