Bless the Lord O My Soul

This is for every weary traveler.  For every person who is struggling this very moment.  Who doubts in goodness.  Who believes there is no beauty left in the world.  Who is tormented by demons of depression.  This is for every man, woman or child who comes to this site.  Here is a cup of water for you.  An angelic hymn of joy.  A reminder to us that God is good – and that He loves mankind.

Slow down.  Breathe.  Look to the heavens. 

See the stars, and the sun and moon – and God who made them all.  And know this very moment that He who formed you in your mother’s womb is the very One who comes now to bless you.  Come to Him and drink… be still in a world of chaos.  Drink deep of His silence and mercy.


From the hands and heart of Sergei Rachmaninov, comes a gift from the Orthodox Church to the modern world.

Bless the Lord O My Soul – Orthodox service of Vespers (evening prayer)


Bless the Lord, O my soul,
blessed art Thou, O Lord.
O Lord my God, Thou art very great.
Blessed art Thou, O Lord.
Thou are clothed with honor and majesty.
Blessed art Thou, O Lord.
The waters stand upon the mountains.
Marvelous are Thy works, O Lord
The waters flow between the hills.
Marvelous are Thy works, O Lord.
In wisdom hast Thou made all things.
Glory to Thee, O Lord, who hast created all!





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