Shake down the Thunder…


I think it has been about seven years… seven years of frustration and being taken to the “wood shed” for a beating… Needless to say the great rivalry between the Irish and the Trojans has been a one sided affair this last decade favoring the surfing dudes from the left coast.  But, maybe… just maybe  this year will be different?

ND vs. USC  A great rivalry in sports, one of the greatest – and perhaps with the rising fortune in Irish football these days the game might not be over by the first quarter?  In any event, I will be in front of the screen today with our family, shouting, screaming and squirming as the tide of the game unfolds before us.

Then the real killer occurs.

We leave at halftime for Vespers at Church!!!  That’s right, talk about having our priorities straight!  We’ll have no idea about how the second half will end up – and so coming home at 8pm is kind of like Christmas morning.  We get to “unwrap” the second half that we taped – and pray to the Lord above , and “Our Lady” (i.e. Notre Dame) that the boys from South Bend have fared well.

Go Irish – Beat SC.




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