Glory to God in The Highest

The angelic hosts sing and rejoice at the birth of the Prince of Peace.  The Son of God.  The uncreated one, who takes on human nature through the womb of the Theotokos “the Mother of God”, so that He can find us, and bring us to Himself once again.

The only place where there is peace on earth – is in Him.

Enjoy this Orthodox Serbian Christmas carol.  If you are far from the church this Nativity eve… come home!  Come home and hear the words of mercy, for all of us were lost, but in Christ our Savior we are found.

The Church is one throughout the world.  One in faith.  One in practice.  Though many in customs, language and color…we are one in Christ.

Here is the lyric translation into English.

Anaphora!  “Lift up your hearts – we lift them up to the Lord!”

(Deep voice in the beginning)

“No matter what you are doing, spin threads for heaven!”

Angels Sing 

The night so grand and placid,
a star shining over the cave,
the mother sleeping in the cave,
where the angel of Jesus hast been.

The angels are singing,
the shepherds are fluting,
the angels are singing,
the wise bring it forth:
what the nations awaited,
what the prophets had said,
here and now it is announced,

It is announced and brought forth:
Christ, our Redeemer is born!
for the Salvation of us all.
hallelujah, hallelujah,
Lord, have mercy!

Joy, Soul, Passion, Honor, Jesus, Faith, Hope, Salvation, Peace, Repentance, the Lord, Calmness, Love, Charity, Harmony…

God’s peace! Christ is born!

Truly, He is born!… let’s renew ourselves, let’s lift up the pillars!

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