FOCUS North America

Coming home  to the Orthodox Church has been, and is still is, a gift beyond words.  I can’t truly articulate in an adequate manner the peace, the relief, the certainty and joy in knowing that  my family and I, have found the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church.  We are home!   Thank God!

To know that I walk, pray and worship in the same footprints of saints like Peter, Paul, James, John, Clement, Polycarp, Ignatius, Lydia, Mary, Thekla and so many countless others is beyond belief.  To know that my words of prayer are their words.  To know that in the Liturgy I am joined as one family with them, singing with the angels and archangels, and partaking of the Eucharist – the marriage supper of the Lamb of God which has no end is more than one can begin to understand.  But, with great blessings come great responsibilities, for too whom much is given, much will be required.

      Yes, the theology is rich, deep wonderful and satisfying.

      Yes, the worship is sacred, holy, beautiful, ethereal, and other worldly.

      Yes, the sacraments, Mysteries, impart life, health, peace and sanctification.

But in the end, if Orthodoxy (right belief and right worship) does not give way to Ortho-praxy (right actions and holy living) then our Faith is useless.  Thus, I want to introduce you to a vibrant ministry, a living icon of God and His Holy Spirit in this day and age – a work of humble origins and faithful people rising up and moving in profound ways within the Orthodox Church.  A movement that is joining Orthodox Christians all over North America in a common work.   Rising above and beyond idiosyncratic ethnicities and transcending jurisdictions and language issues, that often separate and isolate.

FOCUS North America  challenges to us to remember our first love, and to embrace our first calling.  It’s an invitation to become what we are meant to be,  it’s a call to compassion and Christ like mercy.    FOCUS helps us become what we already are!  Except better because it can help us work together –  as One Church – One Body of Christ, acting with One Voice, living with One heart, and with serving with ONE mission.  To seek and to serve the needy.  Fellowship of Orthodox Christians United to Serve is a timely revolution that is at the forefront of the inevitable movement that is outwardly uniting Orthodox in North America to love, to serve and to give, and I believe that FOCUS has been given for a time such as this.  It will be God’s catalyst that will bring  the Orthodox Church together truly as one in this country – for indeed we are ONE already in worship and belief, and now we shall act as one with our hearts and hands in the truest theology; a theology of action not just words.

      One, so that we can love better.

      One, so that we can give better. 

      One, so that we model God’s love to a wounded world.

Please enjoy this video, and visit the FOCUS website – but more than that, work with us where God is already working, and where He is found most readily – among the poor and the needy – the very ones He came to seek and serve, but only now, His hands – are our hands.


Axios!  Father Justin and FOCUS staff – Axios!


Here’s the site that’s equipping & uniting Youth to serve.

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