…the least of these…

January 22 marks the 37th anniversary of death.  The national approval of a sad, reprehensible Supreme Court decision called Roe vs. Wade, that effectively made a “choice for death” for over 50 million infant children since 1973.  Let me say that again… 50 million.  Does that number not boggle your mind?  Does it not cause you to weep?  But the facts remain.  We have made it legal in our land to torture, and take the lives of the weakest of our weak.  We have effectively shut the mouths of those who are unable to speak for themselves. 

We protect whales, hoot owls, eagles, and wolves… and anyone who harms them is sent to jail – and yet  it’s legal to murder our own unborn children?  Absolute  utter insanity – a holocaust in our own land.  Lord have mercy.

These so called “embryonic mass of cellsare persons from conception, complete with beating hearts, moving lips, fingers, toes, and most importantly, they are  uniquely created persons with souls – eternal souls.  I know that it’s not fashionable these days to talk about abortion.  It’s somehow better, and more PC,  to hide it under the lying guise of  “reproductive freedoms”, or mother’s choice or “pro”-choice, or freedom of my bodyBut these, my friends, are nothing but lies.  Shams.  Straw men.  Lies, from the father of all lies, the adversary, the defeated, yet still influential one called Satan.  Lies that we have believed, and made legal law.

Father forgive.  Forgive us for our refusal to save Your children.  Forgive us for choosing our selfish “choices” of pleasure, sexual immorality, conception outside of marriage and hedonistic convenience, all at the expense of a child’s death and destruction.  Forgive our nation, our leaders, and the world, for spilling the blood of innocents.  And if the ground cried out to Him because of Abel’s blood which soaked just one patch of the earth… one brother’s life… imagine how the ground, the soil of our entire culture, and our world – imagine how this ground must be soaked with blood, wailing to God in the heavens for vindication for the millions who have been sacrificed  at the altars of our convenience and immoral living.

So what is the solution? 

“Repent.”  Jesus says, confess your sin.  Confess our sin and stop murdering helpless infants, and the “unproductive” elderly and the terminally ill.  For “when we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us, but when we confess our sin, God is faithful and just and he will forgive our sins, and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

America.  When will you have the courage to put an end to the holocaust happening in your own land?  When will you realize that no matter what platform a politician has, or what promises for prosperity they profer,  if they won’t defend a defenseless life they are never worthy of the honor of the office of leadership.  It’s NOT about the ecnonomy stupid… it’s about the death of our children.

How will we give an account to the Creator of all Life, when He asks us to reckon  for the billions of children He gave to this world  in love, and we in return, gave back to Him in death?

I urge you to speak today, for those who cannot speak for themselves.  I ask you to fight for those who cannot yet fight for themselves.  For if I do not, then I am like the woman, the man, or the doctor who not only assents to the death of a child, but carries it out.

From Metropolitan Jonah of the Orthodox Church In America:

Our life as human beings is not given to us to live autonomously and independently. This, however, is the great temptation: to deny our personhood, by the depersonalization of those around us, seeing them only as objects that are useful and give us pleasure, or are obstacles to be removed or overcome. This is the essence of our fallenness, our brokenness. With this comes the denial of God, and loss of spiritual consciousness. It has resulted in profound alienation and loneliness, a society plummeting into the abyss of nihilism and despair. There can be no sanctity of life when nothing is sacred, nothing is holy. Nor can there be any respect for persons in a society that accepts only autonomous individualism: there can be no love, only selfish gratification. This, of course, is delusion. We are mutually interdependent.

First as Christians, but even more so, as human beings, we must repent and turn to God and one another, seeking forgiveness and reconciliation. Only this will heal the soul. Only by confronting our bitterness and resentment, and finding forgiveness for those who have hurt us, can we be free from the rage that binds us in despair. Repentance is not about beating ourselves up for our errors and feeling guilty; that is a sin in and of itself! Guilt keeps us entombed in self-pity. All sin is some form of self-centeredness, selfishness. Repentance is the transformation of our minds and hearts as we turn away from our sin, and turn to God, and to one another. Repentance means to forgive. Forgiveness does not mean to justify someone’s sin against us. When we resent and hold a grudge, we objectify the person who hurt us according to their action, and erect a barrier between us and them. And, we continue to beat ourselves up with their sin. To forgive means to overcome that barrier, and see that there is a person who, just like us, is hurt and broken, and to overlook the sin and embrace him or her in love. When we live in a state of repentance and reconciliation, we live in a communion of love, and overcome all the barriers that prevented us from fulfilling our own personhood.

All the sins against humanity, abortion, euthanasia, war, violence, and victimization of all kinds, are the results of depersonalization. Whether it is “the unwanted pregnancy”, or worse, “the fetus” rather than “my son” or “my daughter;” whether it is “the enemy” rather than Joe or Harry (maybe Ahmed or Mohammed), the same depersonalization allows us to fulfill our own selfishness against the obstacle to my will. How many of our elderly, our parents and grandparents, live forgotten in isolation and loneliness? How many Afghan, Iraqi, Palestinian and American youths will we sacrifice to agonizing injuries and deaths for the sake of our political will? They are called “soldiers,” or “enemy combatants” or “civilian casualties” or any variety of other euphemisms to deny their personhood. But ask their parents or children! Pro-war is NOT pro-life! God weeps for our callousness.

We have to extend a hand to those suffering from their sins, what ever they are. There is no sin that cannot be forgiven, save the one we refuse to accept forgiveness for. Abortion not only destroys the life of the infant; it rips the soul out of the mother (and the father!). It becomes a sin for which a woman torments herself for years, sinking deeper into despair and self-condemnation and self-hatred. But there is forgiveness, if only she will ask. We must seek out and embrace the veterans who have seen such horrors, and committed them. They need to be able to repent and accept forgiveness, so that their souls, their memories, and their lives, might be healed.

Most of all, we must restore the family: not just the nuclear family, but the multi-generational family which lives together, supports one another, and teaches each one what it means to be loved and to be a person. It teaches what forgiveness and reconciliation are. And it embraces and consoles the prodigals who have fallen. In this, the real sanctity of life is revealed, from pregnancy to old age. And in the multi-generational family each person finds value. This is the most important thing that we can possibly do.

The Blessed Mother Teresa said that the greatest poverty of the industrialized world is loneliness. Let us reach out to those isolated, alienated, alone, and in despair, finding in them someone most worthy of love; and in turn, we will find in ourselves that same love and value, and know indeed that God speaks to us in the depths of our souls, You are my beloved in whom I am well pleased.

With love in Christ,


2 thoughts on “…the least of these…

    • Thanks for directing me to your site, and for your gifted and spirited defense of life. I truly believe that this issue is the ONE issue that will define our fall as a nation. Regardless of what the economy does, or what health care is or isn’t… the sad fact remains that whether it is one – or one million – or 50 million… each single life we take kills all of us, for nothing will remain sacred in a society that kills.

      Perhaps it is the minds and hearts of “26 year olds”, who will awaken our nation to the sins of us who are 40, 50, 60 or more. We will be held accountable for this atrocity. God willing in our lifetime it will cease in America.

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