…return to the ‘normal’ life…

How many people have accepted the idea that Lent is the time when something which may be good in itself is forbidden, as if Good were taking pleasure in torturing us.  Lent is a return to the “normal” life, to that fasting which Adam and Eve broke, thus introducing suffering and death into the world.  Lent is greeted, therefore, as a spiritual spring. as a time of joy and light…

The Lenten spring has come, the light of repentance… Let us receive the announcement of Lent with Joy!  For if our forefather Adam had kept the fast, we would not have been deprived of paradise…

The time of  Lent is a time of gladness!  With radiant purity and pure love, filled with resplendent prayer and all good deeds, Let us sing with joy…

Throughout  the forty days, it is the Cross of Christ and His Resurrection, and radiant joy of Pascha that constitute the supreme “term of reference” of all lenten hymnography, a constant reminder that however narrow and difficult  the way, it ultimately leads to Christ’s table in His Kingdom.  The expectation and foretaste of the Paschal joy permeates the entire Lent, and is the real motivation of the Lenten effort

Desiring to commune with the Divine Pascha… let us  pursue victory over the Devil through fasting…

We will partake of the Divine Pascha of Christ!

– + Fr. Alexander Schmemann – from the book “Great Lent”

Lent is JOY… Lent is our springtime of jubilation!  In the middle of cold winter, we begin to see and even smell the hints of a green, fragrant and colorful Pascha, when the tomb is empty and our hearts are full.   When death is put to death, and we are alive.

Gladly, not only for this season, but for the rest of our lives we “…return to our ‘normal’ life…”  A life fully focused on communion with the Holy Trinity.



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