‘Champions’, Idols & Dancing Stars

Have you had your 15 minutes of fame yet? 

I haven’t.   And as best as I can understand, according to the Church, Holy Scripture and the Church Fathers, I’m not so sure I even want my “15 minutes” anyway, even if they are coming to me.  In fact, does the desire of, and the acquiring of  “fame” help us or hurt us? Does it  bless us or curse us?  Can it be a good thing or does it endanger our soul by fanning the smoldering passions of pride, arrogance, power, ego and greed leading to worship of self, versus worship of God?   One thing is for sure, fame is always fleeting.  Fame is always fickle.  Fame generally leads to isolation.  And isolation leads to being lost and alone, for only in community are we found, and only through repentance and humility are we saved.

Someone, who must have been ‘famous’, once said that everyone is famous for at least 15 minutes at some point in their lifetime.   Imagine that.  Everyone is famous?  Perhaps that includes some people being ‘infamous‘ as well?  Anyway with all the Olympic gold, and glory being handed out in recent days, with the sophomoric, soap-operish antics of two American twenty-something women skiers, with the public parading of gold bedazzled, underage beer swiggin’ and cigar smokin’ Canadian women hockey players, and with the recent announcement of the newest slate of wanna-be famous dancing celebrities announced for Dancing with the Stars… I thought it might be good to reflect on what one particular Father of the Church taught in relation to fame, glory and being an “idol”.

Lord, grant us the grace and mercy to be unassuming and humble as servants in everything we do, and in a world that worships people whose 15 minutes are very fast and even more fleeting, help us to remember that even if “fame” might come to some of us, grant us the wisdom to be gracious, humble and the willingness to become ‘un-famous’ as soon as humanly possible.  Amen.

So here is the real path to greatness…

                              …a greatness that lasts longer than 15 minutes.’

Set your mind on following the path of the saints. 

Prefer a simple style of Life. 

Wear unremarkable clothes. 

Eat simple food. 

Behave in an unaffected manner. 

Don’t strut around as if you were important

Speak from your heart.  Abba Philemon




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