Parenting is…

Parenting is…

Part One – trying really hard… and

Part Two – not always being successful. 

For an example just watch this video.  WARNING! (this video is capable of causing extreme belly laughing, to the point of tears, and is quite possibly the funniest Dad video I have ever seen – because all of us Dads have done something just like this at least once in our lives – right Dads?)



Children, like marriage itself, are NOT meant to make us happy, but rather Holy.  Here are some wonderful thoughts from Metropolitan + JONAH, of the Orthodox Church in America on the blessing, privilege and challenge of being a parent:

Christian parenting is an ascetical, spiritual practice and it will sanctify you.  You love God only as much as you love the person you despise the most.  Loving God and others is the near impossible task that can be made possible through sanctification.  Parenting pulls you out of your ego consciousness and selfishness into an authentic love for the another.  Parenthood brings with it a host of worries and fears.  So what can we do with our worries and anxieties about the state of the world and the future for our children? 

Jesus Christ is our only hope.  If people put their hope in anything of this world, they will be bitterly disappointed. Everything in this world passes away. Our hope is rooted in the conscious awareness of God and our living union with God. When we have that, then come what may in the world.

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