For the Life of the World

Christ is risen!  Truly He has Risen!

A blessed ‘Bright Week’ to everyone.  For your edification today I want to share an excerpt from a wonderful Orthodox priest and blogger Fr. Stephen Freeman.  I consider his website one of my daily stops for the growth of my faith, and the nourishment of my soul.  Thank you Fr. Stephen for your wonderful work on behalf of Christ and His Church.

This is the very heart of Orthodox Christian understanding of the life of the Church. Christ’s Pascha is our very life. It is present to us at every moment and is the source of our life and the truth of our existence. We believe that especially when the Church gathers together for worship, we stand in Christ’s Pascha. Heaven and earth meet and we are united with God in the feast of His Body and Blood. Heaven and earth meet; present, past and future meet with that which is beyond time. The created meets the Uncreated.

Within the Pascha of Christ is the meaning and fulfillment of all things. Much of modern Christianity has married itself to the secular world’s linear view of history. In such a context, Pascha begins to fade into a memorial of the past, or, worse still, an annual culture event. It is impossible for such a festival not to have a cultural context – human beings produce cultures. However, we should understand that it is not the culture that gives meaning to Pascha – but Pascha which gives meaning to a culture.  At the End of all things, there is Pascha. Everything and everyone will find its meaning there – which is fitting since Pascha was before all things.



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