Anna Is With Me Today!

Helping me with my work today is Anna Cook!  She is an amazing and beautiful girl.  Her outward beauty is only surpassed by her inward beauty.  It radiates with her love of Christ, His Church and her family.  Today is “Bring Your Child to Work Day” and it’s a bit different for me this year, knowing that my “work” here at this place, will soon be over, but my real purpose in life, my real ‘work’, as father and husband will always remain.  Daddy is the best title anyone can have, and no office with a window can every compare to one more dirty diaper to change.

What matters today is that I am with my daughter, and she is with me.  Nothing is better.

Our “work”, our “vocations”, our “titles” – do not define us.  They are not who we are.  They are not what we are.  Work is a gift, it is a way for us to share in the creative and redemptive process of creation that the Holy Trinity began from the very beginning, and then gave to us to join with them in the garden of paradise – Eden.

Work matters.  We create, build, give, bless, and offer life to others through our work. In the midst of our work we have moments, one after another, in which we are the very presence of Christ in the midst of whatever we are doing.  Every moment, of every day of life is Sacred.  HolyEverything is spiritual.  In fact, nothing doesn’t matter.  Everything matters.  Every email, every phone call, every text, every meeting, every person I meet today – each day – is a divine moment.  A moment in which Christ and His message of love invades the “work” and makes it life-giving.

We serve one another through our work.  We bless one another through our work.  We glorify God in our work, we become one with Him in our work.  No position is better than another, or higher, or more important.  No one should get “more” than someone else… as this is the cause for injustice and greed and avarice.  The Body of Christ from the very beginning in the book of Acts “brought all things together, and to whomever had need, they distributed their possessions to those in need..” 

Government was not the first line of compassion and mercy.  Legislators and laws and entitlements were not the first way to help people – it was the Church – brothers and sisters who have – gave to those who have not.  Those who are poor give to those who are even poorer. 

The rich exist for the sake of the needy poor, and the needy poor exist for the salvation of the rich.

Where everything goes bad in life is when the passions of “self” and “want” give birth to greed, discontentedness, and the sin of wanting more, even when ‘more’ is never enough, and ‘more’ will never satisfy and make one whole and at peace.

Work is good.  It blesses others.  It gives us a creative cooperative role in making beauty.  It glorifies God, who is always at work, bringing His creation into oneness with Him.  Work is not for getting more.  Work is for giving more.  Work is for learing to become content with what we have, and not with what we want, or what we demand.

Listen to the wisdom of our Father among the Saints, blessed St. John Chrysostom, from the 4th century:  His writing is not a dream about what ‘might be’, but it is a statement of veracity about what can be.  What must be.:

Commerce in itself is not bad; indeed it is an intrinsic part of God’s order.  What matters is how we conduct our commerce.  The reason why commerce is necessary is that  God created human beings with different ambitions and skills.  One person is a good carpenter, another a good preacher; one person can make crops grow in the poorest of soil, another can heal the most terrible diseases. 

Thus each person specializes in the work for which God has ordained him; and by selling his skills, or the goods he produces, he can obtain from others the goods which he needs.  The problems arise because some people can obtain a far higher price for their work than others, or because some people employ others and do not pay a fair wage. 

The result is that some become rich and others become poor.

But in God’s eyes one skill is not superior to another; every form of honest labor is equal.  So inequalities in what people receive from their labor undermine the divine order.

Share what you have, lest you lose what you have.  Spend what you possess on the needs of others in order to keep what you possess.  Do not cling to what you own, let it be taken away from you.  Entrust all your wealth to because then it is protected against all who want to steal or destroy it.

He gives some people more than they need, not that they can enjoy great luxury, but to make them stewards of His bounty on behalf of orphans, the sick, and the crippled.

Thank you my Father, for Anna.  

Our work is to believe You.  To live in You, and for You – to be with you now, and unto ages of ages.

This is our work.



3 thoughts on “Anna Is With Me Today!

  1. Mike, What great clarity.Oh yes having a daughter is priceless,a blessing beyond description.
    I just realized this blessing is forever, more than I can fathom or understand.
    Your thoughts on “work matters”should be published nation wide, we need it!

    “till we meet again”

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