Bailouts Make US Weak & Poor

No more Mr. President!  We want no more bailouts, no more handouts, nor more ‘programs’, no more Governmental ‘saving’ of our lives – no more debt.  Your ‘gifts’ are Tyranny, slavery and bondage.  Our founding fathers fought a tyranny that was a foreign monarch who oppressed, taxed, gave no voice, or representation to the people, and now we face a different, yet exactly the same,  kind of tyranny,  albeit a ‘softer, subtler, kinder, nicer, gentler’ and more insidious kind.

It’s called the ‘bailout’.  Government enslaving free markets, personal responsibility, and morality through ‘handouts’, that are NOT free.   We are being socialized and  the freedoms of liberty, fought for over the centuries are being traded for a comfortable check in the mail.

The ‘handout’ kind of tyranny is deadly and has caused all of us to sleep.  It’s a tyranny where the government enslaves us by buying us with perks, programs and ‘benefits’ that really are no benefits at all – simply a borrowing on the financial future of our children’s children.  Are we so lazy, gluttonous, and indifferent that we are willing to save ourselves while we forfeit the future of our children?

Who will pay our bill?   We make the mess and our children will clean up right?  Are we that afraid of hardship?  Of struggle?  Of saying no to ourselves and our insatiable sin for more and more?

Not me.  No more.  I’m not on the sidelines anymore.  I’m not watching my Government impose its tyrannical rule upon us any longer.  If we don’t speak, then the freedom and liberty, the fruits and blessings of this nati0n will be gone.   What do we fight for?  The Constitution as it was originally framed:


 1. Limited Government

2. Fiscal Responsibility (Governmental and Personal)

3. Reward and Restore Free Market Economics; unleash the entrepreneurial spirit; personal freedom

4.  Moral and virtuous self-rule based on the evidence of the Law of Nature and the Rule of Law

Do something today.  Get informed about the unbelievable and fiscally deadly actions of Barack Obama, our senate and our representatives…then act.

If citizens do nothing, our so-called ‘political servants’, will most certainly do something – they’ll increase their own salaries, and tax and spend their way into a debt hole so big, this republic will be utterly destroyed, if it isn’t already.  And if you’re a Christian who says, “Government and politics is not my concern, ‘God is in control’, then watch out my friend, because the freedom of your faith, the liberty we have to worship is next on the chopping block of rights that will be removed.  Remember in Socialism Government is the Religion, and the slavish worshippers are those who are ‘shackled’ because they are on the receiving end of the dole outs. 

Late Saturday night President Barack Obama sent a letter to the leadership of the House and Senate urging them to approve a tax and spending bill currently being debated in the Senate that already would add $80 billion to our nation’s budget deficit. But coming off of last year’s $862 billion stimulus, President Obama is not happy with just another $80 billion in debt for this year. He also requested another $50 billion in deficit spending earmarked for bailing-out state and local governments.

Without this “emergency” money, the President claims thousands of government union jobs would be lost.

But even among his own party, the President faces an uphill climb. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer told The Washington Post: “I think there is spending fatigue.”Bailout fatigue” is more like it. And the President’s envisioned spending spree is full of both.

 Believe me bailouts are not the answer.  

Suffering, sacrifice and hardship are.  

It’s the only way.



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