Our Heritage – American Leadership

Out of many, one.



  • 1. To protect America’s leadership role in the world from the corrosive effects of terrorists, rogue states, rival powers, anti-American political movements, and weak allies.

  • 2. To devise new ways to assert America’s leadership before we lose our sovereignty, our security, and our freedom. 
  • 3. To devise strategies to win the global war of ideas for freedom and security.


    The freedom and security of Americans depend on America’s global leadership. Without American leadership the world will become a more dangerous place—for Americans and for freedom. If left unchecked, the growing dangers will only get worse and may reach the point where America’s very existence is at stake. Transnational terrorism, rampant anti-Americanism, unaccountable international institutions, nuclear proliferation, and regional conflict all represent real threats to peace and prosperity. We can deal with these grim challenges. Just as The Heritage Foundation helped devise the strategies and plans to win the Cold War, it can and should do the same with respect to helping America win the global war of ideas for freedom and security.

    It will be Heritage’s mission to carry forward the legacies of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher by devising and promoting new strategies and policy recommendations for the 21st Century. In this new era, it will be crucial for the United States to prevail in the ideological battle against radical Islam and the resurgence of leftist populism and other anti-American forces, create alternatives to the United Nations, and spread and institutionalize global economic and political freedoms around the world. What is required is a coherent overarching blueprint that identifies the sources of anti-Americanism and the lack of confidence and coherence in U.S. leadership here at home, while also outlining the political, diplomatic, economic, and military instruments that are needed to overcome these obstacles and reassert the nation’s global leadership role. These solutions must be grounded in the First Principles of the Constitution and its intent of safeguarding and advancing the cause of freedom.

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