Unvarnished Reality.


I’m not a worrier. 

I’m a realist. 

And this is real.  http://usdebtclock.org/  

This is unvarnished reality.  

The unvarnished reality we are living with, and God forbid, we will soon be consumed by. 

Some would worry.  I choose to act. 

In business, if you are a good business and want to survive and succeed, you will accept nothing less than knowing  the ‘unvarnished reality’ of your fiscal reality everyday.  Put your head in the sand and you die.  Spend more than you make, and you die.  It’s rather simple.  As Dave Ramsey often says, “We don’t have an income problem in this country we have a spending problem we don’t know how to say ‘no!'” 

What really amazes me is that our country is led by all those summa cum lauds from the previously prestigious Ivy League. Men and women whom we elect and send to do ‘our business’ for us in DC.   You know the pedigree right?  Harvard, Yale and Princeton…the  brightest of the bright right?  The smartest of the smart.  And yet, if you had courage and clicked on the above US Debt Clock Link, you’ll see that we are spending ‘oodles’ (how is that for a technical finance word?) more than we are bringing in.  WE are a DEBTOR nation, which is bad enough – but the insanity of the situation is that in spite of being in massive debt our leaders continue SPENDING!   More bailouts, more perks, more handouts, more programs, more ‘stuff’  for the ‘poor’ – all this means… well?  What does it mean?  

America is  under the yoke of a socialist tyranny, a  free handout system, that isn’t free, doesn’t work, has never worked, and will never work.  

Business survival 101, otherwise known as, “What they didn’t teach you at Harvard business school.” starts right here.   (PS This also, and especially, applies to husbands and wives, or single people running their domestic ‘household business’ – for we are bigots and hypocrites if we cannot balance our own budgets) 


Warning:  this is complicated, so we’ll go slow. 


Step One:          Add up how much income your receive each month. 

Step Two:        Add up how much you spend each month, your expenses. 

Step Three:    If Step One is greater than Step Two – this is GOOD.  Normal. 

However, if Step Two is greater than Step One – this is very BAD you  must stop doing what you are doing immediately – stop spending, learn to say “No” and never spend more than you make again. 

That’s it.   Complicated I know.  But brilliant nonetheless.  Imagine that. 


Spend less than you make, save more than you spend, and learn to be content with what you have. 

What we need is “Dave” in the White House – ‘change we can believe in’ 



So if you were thinking of attending a famous Ivy League business school, perhaps you can thank me now, as the above lesson in business was free, whereas you might have gone into debt financing that lambskin parchment to the tune of $100K in four years. (more or less)

Decide today America, either we return to Common Sense, and contentment, or we forfeit the gift of this constitutional republic, and cease being the greatest nation on earth (the one that all the illegal immigrants want to get into and all the radical Islamists want to bomb)  Again, what is the key point?   Never spend more than you make.   

"Have you tried plastic surgery yet?"


PS  Sorry for being so hard on the “Ivy League”, I know there are good students in those schools who do amazing things for the world.  You know who you are, keep doing good.


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