God always helps.

When we open our eyes.  Or better yet, when we open the “eyes of our heart”, we begin to see the unbelievable and continuous goodness of God.  It’s never in the BIG things, but always in the small, seemingly inconsequential things that speak the loudest to us.  The still small voice of God is only surpassed by His still small, but numerous, ‘little things’, that He does for us every minute of everyday – and we – unworthy as we are, barely notice them at all.  I find that it takes a continual conscious effort, daily, and moment by moment to focus on the beauty of that moment, the blessing of the ‘small thing’ right in front of my eyes, the joy and contentment of knowing that God cares for us, that He is  always there to help.  That He gives us exactly what we need, when we need it.

Never too much.  Never too little.  Just enough. 

Our daily bread.

It is true.  God often takes things away from us.  And contrary to conventional wisdom this is a good thing.  He often takes important and big things away, only to show us that in taking away our “stuff”, He reminds us that we need only one thing:  Him.   He takes away only to show us the fullness of what we have.

Truly, with Him there is wealth and contentment and peace untold.  With Him, there is abundant redemption.  With Him, there is always just enough – because:

God always helps.  He always comes in time, but patience is necessary.

For example here is a gift that was given to my family and I  just last week, on one of those tough days when nothing is seemingly going right, and everything is seemingly going bad.  When being ‘unemployed’ feels like it will be a lifetime sentence of perpetual frustrations.  Through the darkness of those satanic clouds of despair came this God bearing luminous ray of light:

The Parable of Tomorrow

I looked at the mountain‘It is too hard, Lord,’ I said; ‘I cannot climb.’ ‘Take My hand,‘ He whispered; ‘I will be your strength.’   I saw the road, ‘It is too long, Lord,’ I said; ‘so rough and long’‘Take My love,’ He answered; ‘I will guard your feet.’  I looked at the sky, ‘The sun is gone,’ I said; already the way grows dark.’  ‘Take the lantern of My Word,’ He whispered; ‘that will be light enough.’ 

We climbed.  The road was narrow and steep, but the way was bright.  And when the thorns reached out, they found His hand before they touched my own.  And when my path grew rough, I knew it was His love that kept my feet from stumbling.  Then I grew very tired, ‘I can go no farther, Lord,’ I said.  He answered, ‘Night is gone.  Look up, My child.’  I looked and it was dawn.  Green valleys stretched below. ‘I can’t go on alone now,‘ I said – and then I saw the marks.  ‘Lord, Thou art wounded.  Thy hands are bleeding.  Thy feet are bruised.  ‘Was it for me?‘  He whispered, ‘I did it gladly.’  Then I fell at His feet.  ‘Lord, lead me on,’ I cried.  ‘No road too long, no valley too deep, if Thou art with me.‘  We walk together now and shall forever.’ 

– Ruth Gibbs Zwall

This devotion was taken from an email sent to me from the University of Notre Dame.  One of the most famous, and spiritually significant spots on this historic campus, is the Grotto of Our Lady, a replica of the Grotto found in Lourdes, France.  If you visit this site, you can ‘light a candle’ at the grotto, and ask our Mother, and all the saints to pray for you.

The Grotto - University of Notre Dame

God always helps. 

He is always near – even when we can’t see it. 



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