Cups of Water in Jesus’ Name

I am privileged and honored to work for Living Water International.  Each day, over 9.9 million impoverished, hurting, hungry and thirsty people around the world receive clean, and safe water from the wells that LWI digs and maintains.  Water born illness and infection kills more people than all other ailments and diseases combined.  Every :15 seconds a child dies of intestinal diarrhea.  Children under five years of age are ravaged the most.

Find out how you can save lives with water, and introduce ‘thirsty’ people to the real Living Water – Jesus of Nazareth.

And Lord, “…who is my brother…?”

  • 1 Child dies every 15 seconds because of water related disease
  • 1.8 Million children die from diarrhea every year, more than armed conflict and terrorism combined
  • 2.6 Billion people are without adequate sanitation
  • 884 Million people lack access to safe water

884 Million Chances to Reveal the Glory of God



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