Michael Hyatt in Grand Rapids Michigan

Michael Hyatt is not only the Chairman and CEO of the world’s largest evangelical Christian publishing house Thomas Nelson… but, (and perhaps more importantly) he’s also an ordained Deacon in the Orthodox Church and serves at St. Ignatius Orthodox Church in Franklin, Tennessee.

Best of all, Michael is coming to Grand Rapids, Michigan as one of three primary presenters for the “Orthodox Conference on Missions and  Evangelism” sponsored by the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese.  His primary talk is on Saturday October 16, 2010 at 8pm.  

His topic:

“The Pre-Denominational Christ,

for a Post-Christian America”

This event is a perfect opportunity to discover the “fullness of faith” that exists in the Orthodox Church.  A fullness, a catholicity, that extends back over two millenia, and remains to this very day unbroken and undivided.

Everyone is invited to attend, and best of all, the entire conference has been underwritten by benefactors and so it is now a FREE event.   Normally the conference, which includes meals, costs $95 but due to this generous gift only a free well offering will be asked to help with the food expenses.

Conference dates are Friday – October 15 through Sunday – October 17 at St. Nicholas Orthodox Church – event details are here.

The Grand Rapids PRESS will also feature an article on Michael and the event in their Saturday Religion section, October 16… Here is a glimpse of that article and interview…

When you talk about the concepts of ancient faith and a pre-denominational Christ, some of your listeners initially might feel this has very little connection to their modern lives. How do you make it current for them, tying the faith’s deep history into today’s world?

Christians today live in a very fragmented world. At last count, there were more than 20,000 denominations. At best, this dilutes the Christian brand. At worst, it confuses those who are seeking spiritual truth. The answer is not to shout louder or try to prove we are right and everyone else is wrong. Instead, we need to return to our common roots. For more than 1,000 years, the Church was unified. To put it in today’s terms, we had a singular “brand identity.” While not perfect, it changed the world. It is a rich treasure trove of belief and practice that belongs to all Christians.

Are there specific faith practices that you hope to inspire, concrete things that people can take away from your discussion and begin incorporating in their lives?

I hope to inspire people to get back to the simple story of the Gospel. Propositional truth doesn’t really work with post moderns. They relate better to stories. Fortunately, the Bible is full of stories. In fact, the Gospel is the singular story that is the foundation of every other story that truly resonates in the human heart. I want to inspire people to get connected or-reconnected to Christ, the Author of the story and the One who loved us so much that He came into our world as a man to bring us back to God.

As an author and someone who is immersed in the publishing world, you have a wealth of opinions and ideas at your fingertips. Does this help strengthen your faith, perhaps give you frequent fresh perspectives?

Yes, it definitely helps strengthen my faith. All truth is God’s truth. Sometimes it comes from the most unlikely sources. However, I rejoice wherever I find it. Because I professionally interact with Christians from so many traditions, I am forced to see things I would have otherwise missed. As a result, I am constantly learning and amazed at the breadth of God’s activity in the world.



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