Feel good music…


This music just feels good. 

But it sounds even better. And whatever your troubles may be – music like this seemingly and miraculously can make anything bad immediately better. It’s a classic art form that has been lost for many years, and yet is making a strong comeback in our simulated, noisy, virtual, cyber-techno age of pixels and pseudo sounds. It is a music genre that has that rare ability to make people smile. To relax. To sway… to tap their toes, snap their fingers, and for a brief moment to jump off of the bus of culture called ‘crazy’.

Imagine that: Song lyrics without ‘Parental Warning’ ratings for filth, a male musician who comes onstage sober, with a black suit, tie, and well-kept hair, lyrics from a female singer that you can actually understand and not be embarrassed about, real musicians playing real instruments made of brass, wood, varnish, skins, strings, with no electro-synthesizers. Wardrobes worn by the performers that don’t advertise, or better yet, flaunt the ‘entire package’ including the bare belly button… if you know what I mean.

Do yourself a favor.
Stop whatever you’re doing.

Take a break.


Listen. Feel
the groove.


…and get to know Chris Botti…


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