In Praise of Less

I work in an industry that publishes ‘words’.

Lots of words. 

And occasionally, even a few good ideas.   Those occasional combinations of words  that will actually stand the test of time.

Have you noticed that the ‘soap box’ in our culture has grown to epic proportions?  Seems everyone these days has a ‘book’ to write, and some do.   Even guys like me have a ‘platform’ a place to write and say something – hoping that someone might be listening or reading.

So many words.   Tons of ideas.    Thoughts.    Noise.      So much writing.      Incessant talking

But is anyone listening?   Is anyone still?

Perhaps there is a better way?

Elder Ephraim - Abbott of St. Anthony's Monastery

“Compel yourselves…

say the Prayer – stop idle talk

close your mouths to criticism

place doors and locks against unnecessary words.

Time passes and does not come back,

and woe to us if time goes by without spiritual profit.”

Elder Ephraim – St. Anthony’s Monastery



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