Worthy of Paper


Processed pulp from trees, treated and pressed into thin acid free paper, and covered with ink… soy based ink if you are earth friendly.  I make my life and living joyfully immersed in the world of ideas, words, thoughts, letters and books.  I am a bit biased but books, and the transforming ideas in them, are a marvelous gift, a gateway, a portal to worlds of wonder, adventure, knowledge and spiritual growth and maturity.  They are catalysts for growth, maturity and ultimately humility – for the more we know – the more we realize how much we do not know.   When I was a child my mother brought us to the library before we could even walk, almost every memory of my childhood revolves around libraries, books and of course sports… lots of sports… thus my entire life has been stamped and indelibly impacted with the beauty that books afford us.  In fact, a library card is a “Visa” a free ticket to anyplace in the universe that you dare and want to travel to.

And yet, when you work in the filed of publishing, books almost become too much of a good thing, (like the kid who loves fast food, then works for a fast food joint, and then he can’t stand fast food anymore) for on any given day, week, month and year we touch and interact with literally thousands of books from all kids of authors, on myriad of topics… and frankly, one gets a bit overwhelmed, and frankly, jaded and skeptical with the release of yet another book. 

 Did you know that each year in the United States over 1 million new books are published and released?  And guess what the total average sales are for those 1 million books?  From the NY Times best-sellers all the way down to that book published authors whose only buyers were 5 family members… ? 

5,000 copies sold per book.  Amazing.

But every now and again, publishers get it right, and paper and ink, is worthy to carry the work that is imprinted upon them.  Works  that will stand the test of time: because they are indeed timely, and timeless in their content and presentation.  Such is the case for a new series of books by Baker Academic.  It seems self-serving, and I never intend to use Anaphora as a place to market my companies books… but this is one of those cases in which I have to.

Truly, anyone interested in discovering the essence of The Church, and  the genius of the early church fathers, and how  through their amazing Spirit driven grasp of sacred Scripture… forged for us through the first 7 centuries an apostolic faith, a Nicene faith…and through the Holy Tradition formed by the work of the Holy Spirit in every age – gave us the Church – one holy catholic and apostolic.

The Foundations of Theological Exegesis and Christian Spirituality series critically recovers patristic exegesis and interpretation for contemporary theology and spirituality. Each volume covers a specific church father and illuminates the exegesis that undergirds the Nicene Creed. Series editors are Hans Boersma and Matthew Levering.

Get this book, and the others that will be coming in the series, and I bet your view of faith, belief, practice, and the essence of the true Church will change forever.

This erudite volume offers fresh consideration of the work of famous fourth-century church father Athanasius, giving specific attention to his use of Scripture, his deployment of metaphysical categories, and the intersection between the two. Peter Leithart not only introduces Athanasius and his biblical theology but also puts Athanasius into dialogue with contemporary theologians. The book draws on Athanasius’s theology to shed light on contemporary theological debates and defends him against contemporary criticisms of “classical theism.”

Athanasius launches the Foundations of Theological Exegesis and Christian Spirituality series. This series is based on the conviction that retrieval of the church fathers is essential to contemporary flourishing and further development in Christian theology; that patristic spiritual interpretation continues to hold out prospects for theology; and that participation in the divine was an important underlying conviction for Nicene Christianity on which we should continue to build today. The series contributes to the growing area of theological interpretation and will appeal to both Protestant and Catholic readers.

Indeed… worthy of paper.  Worthy of reading.  A true guide for living.

Read an excerpt here

Get it here



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