the blessing of boundaries

In an age where anything goes.  Where innovation is god, and change rules.  Where limits and restrictions are to be challenged, mocked and transcended at all costs.   Where in order to be relevant, you must become like the very world we are admonished in scripture to forsake, flee and disdain.  There is great wisdom in boundaries.  Limits.  Borders.  Guardrails.  Sign posts. 

For the Holy Spirit, working in and through the Church, has guided the Apostles, Holy Fathers, and Councils to establish boundaries for the protection of the sheep within, as a deterrent to the wolves without, and as a clear and unchallenged marker for what is ‘in’ the Church and what certainly is ‘outside’.  Far from being restrictive – or ‘no fun’, Boundaries (i.e. Holy Tradition) offer unprecedented freedom, peace, and harmony.

Taken from the 7th Ecumenical Council  787 AD (against the Iconoclasts)…

We have followed the tradition of the catholic Church, neither loosening the matters of faith, nor making any superfluous addition, but, having been taught in the apostolic manner, we maintain the traditions we have received, accepting and respecting everything that the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church has received from the first years, both unwritten and written…

For the true and straightforward judgment of the Church does not make any allowance for innovations within Her, or for attempts to remove anything.  We, therefore, by following the laws of our Fathers, having received by Grace by the one Spirit, have duly safeguarded without any innovations and reductions, all the things of the Church.”


Learn more about the beautiful ‘boundaries’ as found in the Seven Ecumenical Councils.


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