Go West Young Man (at least for a wedding!)

The Cook Clan at the Coast – Laguna Beach Summer 2011

As many of you might have gathered from this blog, my preference for giving directional guidance in terms of ‘theology’ is to “Go East!”   Go east young and old… man, woman or child…. go way east… all the way back to Jerusalem, Antioch and Constantinople… Insert place for a chuckle here… 🙂  In all seriousness going East theologically is a very good and wise thing to do… but going West, to sunny California for a fun-filled family wedding is a most excellent alternative.  What can anyone say bad about the West Coast?  OK  – beyond the cost of living, earthquakes, traffic jams, sharks, unfaithful movie-star Governors and the fact that California will be swallowed whole into the Pacific in 2012… but as the picture above clearly shows: California has the beach and ocean.  Laguna Beach is spectacular.  Crystal water, soft sand, dolphins, tide pools, salty water, big waves – and no matter how big we think the waves get on Lake Michigan, nothing compares to the sheer power and ferocity of a SoCal swell crashing your puny personhood into the surf.   In addition to the fun of frolicking on the beach, our family made two additional discoveries of note on the West Coast.  Monumental discoveries…!

First, “hands down” the best hamburger in the entire Universe at the iconic and world famous “In and Out” Burger.  Our family is determined to bring a franchise to West Michigan.  I tell you, the minute an In and Out opens here, Wendy’s, BK and McD… will go out of business.   Simple food – done in an extraordinary way – only four things to order:  Hamburger, Cheeseburger, a Double-Double, and hand cut fries (cut right in front of your eyes: fresh never frozen)      Plus I love their very “Orthodox” slogan, printed on all of their T-shirts and marketing literature…

“The more things change.  The more we stay the same!”      Love it. 🙂    If it works for a hamburger chain it has to work for the church.  Right?

Second, the total freedom and absolute fun of stand-up paddle boarding.   We paddled for hours in the salt marshes of Newport Beach.  Peaceful, graceful, and filled with just enough moments of terror when you lose your balance for a second  – to keep it interesting.   Our family  looks forward to adopting this new sport in our own Great Lake waters.   Problem is that Michigan paddle boards need snow blades for the winter ice as opposed to the SoCal boards which use wax for running smooth – taking full advantage of their sunny skies, and 80 degree heat  pretty much everyday of the year.   Do I sound bitter?     Yeah…OK I’ll admit that I am.

So thanks Kathryn and Daniel for your wonderful wedding in California… and remember “Go East to find the Church”… and go West for great Weddings, burgers and boards!!



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