New Year.

A new year.

A new beginning.

There is no better way to begin than with a good word from a holy Father, Elder Ephraim.  May we go with God, and for God, in this coming year.    I find this particularly meaningful at the beginning of a new civic year, when so much uncertainty about the future lies before us – as is often the case when we sit at the feet of monastics, we get a sense of calmness, serenity, peace and tranquility… even in the midst of a world going mad.

Everything will pass and will end as if it had never existed, whereas works done in God will remain with the soul that worked them so that the worker may reap eternal life from them.  Blessed are the spiritual philosophers of God, who give away transient things and store up eternal things, so that when they depart, they will find their treasures in God’s treasury with accrued interest.  Blessed are they who clean their hearts from the weeds of sin and cultivate the good seed, for the time will come for them to reap sheaves of eternal life.  Blessed are they who sow tears with spiritual fasting, that is, always hungering and thirsting for good works, for they will reap eternal joy!

No matter what this new year may bring – having our eyes and hearts set on eternal things – and leaving the transient things to God’s care will bring us the most peace.

+ anaphora


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