Important and Urgent.

To be a free citizen in a constitutional Republic is a gift.  A blessing.  God Himself if the author of Liberty and Freedom for all creatures.  In America, we face a very important election this year.  I am writing about it every day here. Many of us are convinced that this is really our last shot to return to virtue, morality, constitutionality, and fiscal sanity.  Sometimes I say, “Don’t worry about politics, government… it’s all a waste…”  and at other times, like now, I am tempted to put all my energy and effort into helping pro-Constitutional candidates like Ron Paul in office; but neither desire  is correct in itself.  It’s never good to be too inflamed only with the things of culture and society, and yet it is also not good to be indifferent to our responsibility to engage in civic discourse and citizenry.

What matters is balance – and what wins in the end is a vision to eternity.

Electing good Libertarian/ Constitutional candidates is important in our nation and at times can be urgent… like right now.  But it is only pursuit of holy things that earns the moniker of  “important and urgent…” 

From my reading today with Elder Ephraim…

Do not forget your goal, my child.  Look into heaven and see the beauty that awaits us.  What are the present, earthly things?  Aren’t they but ashes and dust and a dream?  Don’t we see that everything here is subject to decay?  Whereas the things above are everlasting, the kingdom of God is endless, and blessed is he who will dwell in it, for he will behold the glory of His divine face..

My child, do not forget that  we are in this world only temporarily and that our life dangles by a thread and that all the desirable things in the world are vain.  So, whoever despises the vain things of the world – in other words, does not passionately desire them – will participate in the eternal good things.

So, when we have this knowledge of the truth, naturally we shall turn the eyes of our soul at every moment towards eternal life, towards the heavenly Jerusalem, where the choirs of angels chant godly canticles of ineffable sweetness and wisdom.  Oh, my children, how much glory your souls will have when after death they ascend to the heavens and are numbered with the angels in heaven!



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