Wisdom in Perilous Times.

Divine Wisdom ( Sophia ) with the Father- painting by Michelangelo

Thinking about wisdom these days.

Who is the wise man?  What is the evidence of a wise nation? 

Is it…

Debt and more debt?   Waging war for gain?  Antagonizing other nations?  Imperialism?  Meddling, prying, and forcing ‘our way’ on others?  Borrowing without repaying?  Spending that which you do not have?  Promising one thing, and delivering another?  Serving yourself, instead of serving others?  Being willing to attack versus a willingness to listen?  

None of these is wise.  None is wisdom.  All of this is foolish. Every morning this year, as part of my daily rule of prayer, I am praying the Proverbs… 30 proverbs, 30 days… seeking to understand wisdom – hoping that wisdom will seep into me and find a home.  What are proverbs?  “…to know wisdom and instruction, and to understand the words of discernment…”  “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and there is good  understanding in all who practice it…”

Day 4 of 2012… Proverbs chapter four – words that are wise, and imagine if all men would listen and obey? 

My son give heed to my word and incline your ear to my words, that your fountains may not fail you; Guard them in your heart.

For they are life  to those who find them, and healing for all their flesh, Keep your heart with all watchfulness.  For from these words are the issues of life.  Put away from yourself a crooked mouth, and remove unrighteous lips far from you.  Let your eyes look straight forward, and let your eyelids assent to righteous things.  Make straight paths for your feet and direct your ways aright.  Do not turn aside to the right or to the left, but turn your foot from an evil way.  For God knows the ways on the right hand, but those on the left are perverse; and He shall make your paths straight, and guide your steps to peace.   Let the word become firmly planted in your heart:

Love it, and it will keep you.  Secure it, and it shall exalt you.  Honor it, that it may embrace you, and give your head a crown of graces, and cover you with a crown of delight…”

God grant us, grant me, grant our national, civic, and spiritual leaders wisdom.  Calm and cool heads.  Humble and contrite spirits.  Gentle, merciful and ambassador spirits… God help us to seek first to understand – then to be understood.  Help us to be merciful, that mercy might be shown to us… 

Blessed is the man who finds wisdom, and a mortal who sees discernment for the profits gained by wisdom are better than the treasures of gold and silver and wisdom is more valuable than precious stones – and nothing evil will withstand her.




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