I love books…

Well actually I love knowledge… and learning and growing.  

In the end I desire what all of us truly desire and that’s: wisdom.

“Books” just so happens to be one, of many ways, that wisdom and knowledge are shared today.  iPhones, ipads, Kindles and Nooks are certainly giving paper a run for its money… but in the end we are all after the same thing – wisdom.   God has blessed me with work at Baker Publishing Group in Grand Rapids… I am thankful to be here working on of all things ‘books’.. and for over 70+ years this family run publishing house has produced the best in “books”, wisdom and knowledge.  It’s amazing really – I am part of this great family legacy running on its third generation now.

Our beginnings are special to say the least.  A young boy, Herman Baker, crossing the Atlantic on a boat from the Netherlands loved books, he loved God, he loved learning, and he dreamed of one day owning a bookstore in which he could share the wisdom and beauty of the Christian faith.  Now here is the good part…during the heights of the Great Depression, with a new wife and a newly born young child, Herman risked everything for this vision – and with hope and some faith sprinkled in he started his very own Baker Book House… featuring for sale his own private collection of over 500 titles. 

Imagine that… a new wife, young child, the Great Depression and this intrepid man of faith steps out believing that the understanding of God’s love must be available for everyone.

Here’s to the vision of our founder, Herman Baker.  May his Memory and his Vision be eternal.

“We love to sell a good book. There is no better business to be in.

In books we have the richest treasures on earth, the output of the best minds of the ages.” – Herman Baker


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