The Non-Conforming Church


Some excellent insights from Peter Kreeft and his book “The God Who Loves You”…

The church becomes irrelevant it seems, when it clamors to become relevant; ‘just like the world’…seeking to emulate and become what culture is.  Is not the call of the Gospel to become a peculiar people, who transforms the world?


What is the worst thing that can happen to the Church? Not torture, murder, threats, persecution, or even the whole world conspiring to exterminate her from the face of the earth. That already happened once, and the result was the greatest growth the Church has ever seen. The worst thing that can happen to the Church is what is happening to the Church now in the West, namely that the Church is deliberately conforming to the world. This is a betrayal of her primary task, which is to conform the world to Christ. The leader has become a follower. The Lion of Judah has become tame. Nowhere has this deadly process been more apparent than in the very thought processes and categories that modern Christians use. They are the categories of the world. What categories? The modern world politicizes everything and imposes the political categories of Right and Left on everything. They are the two knee-jerk categories that save us from the awful necessity of thinking through issues on their own merit. Understanding the love of God frees us definitively from the domination of these two secular political categories.”

+anaphora – laetare


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