The fight is out there…


Do you ever notice how we get distracted from the things that really matter in life?  Like how relativism, secularism, and entertainment distract Christians from the real battle?  Theology is important. Orthodox doctrine is important.  But what is sad is how Christians, especially Orthodox and Catholic Christians – who have so much in common with one another, seemingly allow themselves to lose the ‘forest for the trees’; or to  realize that our real fight is ‘out there’ against the real enemies: sin, Satan, and radical secularism.  Here is a brief response I offered to a friend who commented on their hope for a coming together of East and West, Orthodoxy and Catholicism – and ultimately Protestants as well.   For in Christ there is no east or west, just one faith, one baptism, one Lord of all.

I am with you – this conversation between East and West is a deep desire of mine as well.  I believe this blessing of ‘conversation’  is pleasing to God and ultimately will lead to repentance and forgiveness – with the ‘estranged brothers’ embracing fully as One.   For as we know the real battle is not ultimately against each other, but against sin, Satan, secularism and moral relativism.  Our true enemies.  I was baptized Michael Christopher in the Catholic church…and took  the name Peter for my confirmation (like many people – I went ‘searching’ in my 20’s ) finding an Augustinian monk named Martin Luther in Wittenberg… but have come now – full circle back to the apostolic early church,  to Antioch…St. Peter’s first See – and was Chrismated, Ignatius (the God Bearer) in the Antiochian Orthodox Church.  Peter and Ignatius, the first and third Bishops of Antioch, both martyrs in Rome – connect me to both places.  Rome and Antioch, east and west.

In the end, I am a child of the church… and have come to believe what I have always believed, and what is true…  “…in one, holy, catholic, and apostolic church…” 

+anaphora – laetare


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