Solve Problems with Sound Ideas


“Things are bad.”  “Yeah, real bad.”  “Well what’s new?”  “Whatcha’ gonna do?”  “It is what it is…”  or so goes almost every water cooler conversation in America today.  But what if there actually IS a solution to the MESS we are in?  Read on…

Father Robert Sirico explains the purpose of the Acton Institute, and why our work is essential for the times in which we live.  A ‘think-tank’, essentially: thinks and teaches.   We help people connect ‘good intentions, with sound economics’, we provide essential solutions to our present economic and moral chaos by showing the essential intersection of faith, freedom and sound free-market practice.  Listen as Father explains it:

“I co-founded Acton because too many religious leaders and people of faith equate free enterprise with greed and shallow materialism. Without a sound understanding of economics, ministers can use their pulpits to argue for redistributing wealth and expanding the government to help the poor. The institute is uniquely qualified to disprove these failed ideals.

Our mission is to promote a free and virtuous society, characterized by individual liberty, and sustained by religious virtue. We show how the principles of free-market economics and individual liberty are consistent with Judeo-Christian morality. And how, when applied faithfully, they create a more effective, compassionate, and just response to the needs of the world.

Acton does so through sound research, rigorous education, and the use of popular media. Our research department publishes the prestigious Journal of Markets and Morality and other monographs referenced in universities and seminaries around the world. Acton fellowships encourage the best scholars working at the nexus of religion and economics. Our conferences and seminars help religious leaders and other shapers of the moral consensus connect their good intentions to sound economics. Finally, through documentaries and multimedia curricula, we are translating this foundational research into a more accessible language that can reach more people than ever before.

With the support of people like you and other friends of freedom, the Acton Institute can educate and inspire those who shape America’s moral consensus. I encourage you to follow the links here to view current electronic issues of Acton Notes, Religion and Liberty, and Acton News and Commentary, as well as some recent press releases.

We welcome you to join us in promoting a free and virtuous society.

+anaphora – laetare



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